Rules & Regulations

The following are rules and regulations pertaining to the use of FindBook.

In Character Rules - IC


Any form of threat that may be perceived as a genuine threat to the safety of another user or group of users is strictly forbidden, as well as the usage of the website to organize and plan any form of violent protest, rally, or event. Furthermore, any known violent organizations will be restricted from the site in order to prevent potential harm to any other users or people. This expands to any form of theft, vandalism and other forms of property crime. Findbook reserves the right to report any problem or threats directly to the local or federal authorities for immediate action.

Hate Speech / Bullying / Harassment

No user shall incite degrading or attacking comments or posts about another based on sex, gender, sexual orientation, religion, worldview, race, ethnicity, social background or status, national origin, disability or medical condition, or political preferences. We do not discourage challenging another based on their views, or exploratory questioning, but do not cross the line into blatant hate speech. Furthermore, while users are free to speak on matters and people of public interest no user shall bully or attack another user for any reason, including the intent to degrade their social presence or slander their identity, or cause them to commit self-harm. We also do not tolerate harassment, and will take action on any reports of such to ensure the safety of our users.

Graphic Content / Nudity

Graphic content posted solely to glorify and promote violence will be strictly forbidden. That which is posted in order to bring awareness or condemn it will be tolerated, but we wish that all users think about the content and the affects that it may have on others before they post it. Excessive nudity / Explicit content should be withheld from being posted onto your public page. Nudity and explicit content for the sake of art will not be hard-pressed, but any excessive and overly explicit content will be removed and is not welcome. This includes pronographic videos, scenes, or imagery for the intent of adult pleasure and consumption. Any form of child related nudity or explicit content will be immediately removed and reported to the local or federal authorities.


Any form of spam will not be tolerated - Please refrain from contacting users directly in order to offer commercial services, although posts from a dedicated page or from your private page are acceptable, as long as they do not spam the public wall. We ask our users to be courteous to others and allow for their content to be seen as well.


All users on Findbook are suggested to use their real name and information. Because of this, we ask that you refrain from sharing that information with other people, including publishing that information to the public without their consent. Furthermore, attempting to impersonate another user will not be tolerated, including creating fake profiles, pages, or groups in order to deceive others.


Account security is our primary concern. All passwords are encrypted and no staff member will ever ask you for your password. Your password is your own responsibility and we advise you to never give out your password to anyone for any reason. If your account is ever breached, please contact our staff immediately in order to prevent your account from further harm and to protect your privacy. It’s against our terms to attempt to trick, or ask, another user into giving their password, or any form of deceit or fraud.

Reporting Abuse

We ask that all members report any abuse that they may encounter directly to Findbook staff. Please note that reporting it does not guarantee that it will be removed. Many users will have unique and different preferences and tastes, and thus it is possible that some content may offend another, while not breaching our terms. To counter this, you are able to control what you see, and may choose to quietly unfollow someone so that their content no longer shows on your personal newsfeed if you do not wish. Note that unfollowing someone will not remove you from their friends if you do not unfriend them, but will hide their posts from your main newsfeed. They will still be visible if you visit their profile.

Out of Character Rules - OOC

OOC Content Avoid posting on Findbook in OOC - If needed, use brackets, but please keep it limited - a full post of OOC comments will not be allowed. Take it to a private medium if needed. OOC in private chat / messenger is allowed, but may not be used to incite metagame.


  1. Faceclaims (FC) may not be used by more than a single character that is currently active.
    • - A faceclaim is a person / set of pictures from a person used to represent one's character.
    • - An active character is defined as any character that has been active on Findbook or any other site that is deemed as an IC site (seen here: ), or in-game, for the past five (5) months, and is not CK’d. Beyond that will be considered in-active and the faceclaim will be available to be re-claimed (it is not suggested to claim an inactive faceclaim though, as it will be rather odd for others that have interacted with the old character, as well as the new, so it’s best to avoid this to begin with).
    • - Faceclaims that go inactive will not have any of their previous information taken down or removed, but their right to use of that faceclaim will not be upheld in the situation of a conflict should another claim it before they become active once again.
    • - This rule can be circumvented if someone gives permission to another to use their old faceclaim.
    • - You cannot argue a faceclaim conflict on behalf of another person, although you may simply report it to them or Findbook staff to have it handled if action is needed.
  2. You may not ICly point out that a faceclaim is representative of the person they are using. People use these images to portray their own unique character.
  3. When a conflict between two arises as to the right to use a faceclaim, the person with the faceclaim first will be entitled to the usage, and the newer member will be required to choose another unclaimed or inactive faceclaim. This applies between all IC sites.
  4. You may not use any person designated as internationally famous for your faceclaim. This includes high-profile movie stars, politicians, and other instantly recognizable people (i.e. Trump, Arnold Schwarzenegger, ect).


  1. Any attempt to breach another users account without their permission or knowledge will be treated similarly to that of attempting to breach their in-game account.
  2. You may not OOCly use any form of VPN or proxy to bypass restrictions on your IP or accounts.
  3. You may not OOCly impersonate another member of the community on Findbook, including staff or other members, and may not harass other members OOCly.
  4. All passwords are stored encrypted in the database - staff members and site administration do not have access to this information, and will never ask you for this information. Your password is your responsibility, do not give it to anyone.


  1. You may not keep a CK’d character active, nor continue to post from their account. Please refrain from “Their brother is posting on their account!”, except in the situation where it may be someone posting once to inform followers and friends of the page of a memorial service.
  2. Posting excessive explicit content should be avoided.